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In today's cement and concrete industry, the availability of quality raw materials is a key chanllenge to the cement manufacturers and concrete producers. In some cases, like Singapore, there is no netural resources in the country and all the raw materials have to be imported from the neighbouring countries. Under such circumstances, could you make the best uses of the available materials for performance and cost? Could you subsitute cement clinker with other replacement materials like limestone and flyash? Could you use 100% manufactured sand like Hong Kong? Are we able to use copper slag waste, incinerator ash, rice hash ash etc. for concrete or cement production? CO2 credit for cement mills will drive the manufacturers towards even with more clinker replacement and energy saving solutions. Fresh concrete waste with high alkalinity and harden concrete waste with uncertain qaulity poses serious evironmental issues. In spite of all these issues and chanllenges, Readymix concrete in Asia is still now very much a commodity business, produced based on 28 days compressive strength under the laboratory cured condition. Money is made in other concrete ingredients like aggreagtes and cement while readymix concrete is only the an outlets for such materials. Cement and readymix concrete industry in Asia are not investing into any R&D or even Technical Service, they always depend on cement additives or concrete admixtures suppliers for innovation. Is this sufficient to take the cement and concrete industry in Asia to a new height where innovation and profitability are evident? How many percent of your revenue coming from the new products in the last five years?

ADCEM  will provide you with concrete constrcution solutions that gives you an edge to your compettion. 
We are the Exclusive Distributor for Helix Structural Fibers for Singapore and Malaysia.
There are many advantages to Helix versus other steel fibers, particularly hooked end fibers. They include:

  3:1 dosing ratio which allows the customer to handle and move a whole lot less fibers

  Much better distribution throughout the concrete since we have 27x more fibers per kg

  More ductility – Helix increases first crack strength and toughness

  More durability as HelixFibers are electroplated with Zinc for corrosion resistance

  Helix Fibers do not fracture at the 70 to 84 Mpa strength concretes like the low carbon Hooked End Fibers

We are the manufacturer of a full range of Adcem Brand of cement and concrete products in Asia Pacific.
                                                 If you have a need, we have a solution for you whether it is the complex cement chemistry, complicated rheology of concrete, durabilty and serviceabilty of structures, fibers reinforcement or resistance of steel structures to fire. Our Partners and Advicers will work with you and ensure that you are in the forefront of technologies to meet the building construction chanllenges of tomorrow.
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